How to boost your meals

Microgreens are so delicious! They are so packed with nutrients in each little stem. Studies say they are 40 times more nutritious than their grown up selves.

I am totally hooked on the spicy bite of the radish shoots on almost every meal I have now. We have eaten so many since starting our Microgreens business and now I feel like my meal is lacking if I don't have them on it.

My favourite way to use them is on poached eggs on toast, I add a small dressing of hempseed oil, lemon and S&P. So good.

Sprinkle them over dahl, curries, beans, pretty much any savoury meal! My kids love the peashoots and devour handfuls at mealtimes, so if that is their veges for the day, I'm stoked.

The broccoli is the most nutrient dense and has a milder flavour so the kids will eat this too. I have been mixing this in with salads or having it mixed with the radish on a meal.

I would love to hear how you are using yours. Head over to and show us a pic!

Enjoy your multivitamins as a daily dose of greens :) xx

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