Wholesale Purchases
for cafes and restaurants etc

We would love to supply your bulk microgreens. We supply cut product but can also supply live trays on request. We will email you our up to date rates for commercial supplies. Contact us to place an order or if you have any questions!

Kristie 021454378 or Rob 0212105790

email us at micromachinemicrogreens@gmail.com

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Whole Trays - our circular system

Live trays of Peashoots, Broccoli or Radish look amazing and they  provide super fresh produce for you to cut as you need.  We drop off fresh trays and we collect the used trays to compost the growing medium for you. No waste!

Fresh cut Microgreens

Our fresh cut microgreens are priced by 200g, check your email for up to date pricing.

We require a minimum of 400grams per delivery         for commercial pricing.

We can deliver in our home compostable packaging or in a container that suits your system.

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